Controlled-Release Condensate Pan Tablets

JUMBO EXPEL TABS - Controlled-Release Condensate Pan Tablets

Corrosion-inhibiting, odor-controling HVAC pan tablets.  Designed to be placed in condensate pans of air-conditioning units, specifically large Air Handling Units (AHUs). Time-release action provides a powerful cleaning and odor neutralizing solution that keeps the pan and drain free of scale, rust, dust, dirt, and organic materials. 

  • Maintains a clean and odor-free drain pan
  • 1-pound tablets are packed in individual plastic tubs
  • Safe to handle "no-contact" packaging makes applications simple
  • Removes the organic deposits that encourage bacteria and mold growth
  • Each tablet treats up to a 25 ton air conditioner, or about 25 square feet of condensate pan area

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