High-solids, rubberized polymer coating. Formulated to form a strong, waterproof, elastomeric film barrier.  Provides optimum penetration and bonding to seal out vapors, provide water resistance, control dust, prevent erosion, and enhance appearance on treated surfaces.  Forms a non-permeable membrane that is perfect for pond liner applications to prevent seepage.  Forms a damp-proof membrane on wood, drywall, stone, concrete, brick, and other hard surfaces.  For use on slopes, coal piles, fly ash ponds, aggregate piles, and equipment yards to suppress dust and provide all-season stabilization. 

  • Single component system
  • Clear, film-forming membrane
  • Use neat or dilute up to 1:15 with water
  • Safe for use in and around sensitive habitats
  • Apply by spraying, brushing, rolling, or dipping
  • Perfect for waterproofing and surface sealing applications
  • Superior cohesion and elasticity provides long-lasting performance
  • Does not soften at high temperatures or become brittle at low temperatures
  • A 1/16" film has a tensile strength of up to 562psi and elongation of up to 738%
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