Heavy-Traffic Haul Road Stabilization, Dust Suppression, Soil Retention, Prime Coating, & Erosion Control

Water-proof road and soil enhancer for heavy-traffic haul road stabilization, dust suppression, soil retention, prime coating, and erosion control.  Unique resin technology thrives under the stresses that shear other chemistries.  Non-leaching and will not run off of treated areas or move through the soil after application.  Penetrates even hard-packed roads to stabilize the driving surface, improving driving conditions while reducing dust, pot-holing, wash-boarding, silt-runoff, and aggregate loss.  Mixes easily with water for application with any water truck, hydro-seeder, water cannon, or spray tank.  Because it is formulated for use in and around sensitive habitats, Resinator is an environmentally sound solution for dust control and soil retention needs.

  • Cost-effective -- Low application rates of 0.05 - 0.30 gallons per square yard
  • Durable -- Reduces airborne dust by >90% even after thousands of vehicle passes
  • Long-lasting -- Up to 6 months after initial application and just 1 maintenance application
  • Saves money -- fewer applications means a significant decrease in fuel costs, labor costs, and water usage
  • Safe -- non-toxic to aquatic life and contains no VOCs, phosphates, APEs, carcinogens, mutagens, or other harmful compounds
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