Fogging-Misting Droplet Dispenser

Automated liquid chemical dispenser capable of producing ULV (ultra-low volume droplets) and LVM (low-volume mists) to assure a higher effeciency of chemical coverage.  Computerized, pre-programmed system provides the air circulation, spraying, and flushing required for optimal performance.  Perfect for odor control, mosquito control, sanitization and disinfection,  

  • Treats up to 60,000 square feet
  • Auto flush system -- provides optimum performance
  • High output nozzle -- assures rapid and efficient application
  • Adjustable flow rate selection -- to meet specific requirements
  • Produces 4 droplet sizes -- 8 microns, 20 microns, 30 microns, and 50 microns
  • Formulation tank -- 3-gallon with agitation system can handle liquids and wettable powders
  • Programable timer -- 8 event, 24-hour, user-friendly with digital display inside water-proof locable enclosure
  • High capacity fan -- 8000 cubic feet per minute, adjustable horizontal and vertical positions, reaches 300 feet with spray droplets

Available in both mobile (Model M) and stationary (Model S) configurations

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