Solid, time-released polymer in the shape of a donut that employs a quaternary ammonium compound as the active ingredient together with anticorrosive agents and surfactants.  Perfect for condensate trays, troughs, and drip pans.  Use in areas with the highest occurence of food spoilage microorganisms and pathogens.  Excellent for use in poultry, fish meat, general food, and beverage processing plants.  After properly cleaning and sanitizing drains, place Quat Rings in drain baskets to improve your food safety program.

  • Controls algae and odors in air conditioner condensate sumps
  • Lasts from 1-4 weeks (depending on water volume and temperature)
  • Controls odors resulting from standing water in traps and around drain areas
  • Dimensions - 7" diameter donut or 38.5" circumference
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