Roof Patch and Water-proof Coating

Aluminum Fiber Roof Coating #97 is a tough, high quality coating manufactured with specially selected asphalts and fibers.  Applies easily by brush or roller. Penetrates well and bonds strong. Cures to a durable, weatherproof roof surface with excellent long-term flexibility. Increases roof service life and helps preserve old, dried out roof surfaces. 

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  • Easy-to-use
  • Asbestos-free
  • High-performance
  • Dark Aluminum color
  • Will not mildew or rot
  • For application by soft roof brush, roller or spray
  • Coverage rates as high as 67 square feet per gallon
  • Internally reinforced - fills and bridges hairline cracks
  • Seals oils in and water out, preserving the roof surface
  • Remains flexible as it resists dirt, sun, wind, rain, ice, and snow
  • Provides a weatherproof surface coating for built-up, composition, metal, and masonry surfaces

To prepare a roof, use Momar's PowerOx to clean and remove all soil and debris.

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