High Pressure Aerosolized Citrus Degreaser

Activate Aerosol is a powerful citrus solvent in a high pressure aerosol can formulated with d-limonene to dissolve heavy greases, tar, asphalt, and other hydrocarbon deposits . This unique product provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional harsh acidic and caustic treatments. Activate Aerosols high pressure canister provides a flushing action to blast away tar, asphalt, grease, and oil on contact. This high pressure citrus degreaser is an ideal solution for degreasing paving equipment, dumpsters, concrete, masonry, construction equipment, and other industrial surfaces. 

  • Removes sludge and tar build up from construction vehicles, trucks, oil tankers, and fuel delivery vehicles
  • Environmentally friendly: Does not contain chlorinated solvents, fluorinated solvents, or petroleum distillates 
  • pH Balanced; Non-caustic, non-acid, and non-corrosive 
  • Fresh Citrus Scent 
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