Large Area Passive Odor Control System

MegaFresh™ Odor Control Diffusers slowly release their scent over time making them a cost effective solution to your odor control needs.These solid deodorants are ideal for intense malodors, especially in garbage areas, soiled linen rooms, stairwells, storage areas, hallways, elevator shafts, chute rooms, cruise liners, kennels, gymnasiums, large public washrooms and fitness centers. MegaFresh™features Patented Flow Science® capillary technology to control tough odors for up to 30 days with a one-two punch of powerful odor counteractant fragrance and Metazene® molecular odor neutralizer.

  • Diffusers can be hung from one another to combine 3 or more diffusers to tackle the strongest odors 
  • Solid deodorant combines ease of use with long lasting effectiveness
  • No sprays, fogs, or liquid handling 
  • No batteries or electricity required 
  • No equipment investment required 
  • Non-Para 
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