Mildly alkaline, non-corrosive, powdered cleaner containing cherry fragrances. Super-penetrating formula removes ground-in dirt, grease, adhesives, and oil.  Use on concrete, brick, stone, and wood floors as well as plastic and metal surfaces. Dissolves 100% in water and leaves no residue after cleaning.  Safe on chrome and brass floor drains and in all types of PVC and metal pipes.

  • Ships UPS
  • Momar's Signature Mountain Fresh Fragrance 
  • Biodegradable and VOC compliant
  • Dilutes 1-2 pounds per 5 gallons of water
  • Rinses freely as color turns from red to clear
  • Safe for use as vehicle wash - 2-4 ounces per gallon
  • Contains no caustic soda, so it is safe on aluminum, magnesium, and tin
  • USDA C1
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