Automatic, Hands-Free, Misting Liquid Dispenser

Bulk-fill dispenser with easy refill tank.  Mists low-viscosity hand sanitizers automatically, reducing the risk of cross contamination. Sprays Momar HandTastic hand soaps and similar low-viscosity hand soaps. Features a large capacity of 25 fl. oz (750 mLs) capable of producing up to 1250 applications per refill at the low setting, 833 applications at the medium setting, and 469 applications at the high setting. 

  • Durable, leak-proof design
  • May be mounted to a wall or stationed on a countertop for use
  • Battery-operated, lasts up to 6 months (4AA batteries not included)
  • Plug-in AC power adaptor and cord sold separately (Click here for info)
  • Ideal for use in offices, schools, food service facilities, hospitals and other areas with high traffic
  • The LCD display allows user to choose the dispensing amount with options for 0.6 mLs, 0.9 mLs, and 1.6 mLs per spray
  • Can operate on plug-in alone or battery alone, and if plugged in, the batteries will only be used as a back-up in the event of power loss
  • The spray dispenser reduces consumption and minimizes waste without sacrificing hygiene, providing a better bactericidal and virucidal efficiency
  • 775 grams empty, 170mm L x 120mm W x 210mm H
  • Sensing distance 0-8cm

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