Natural Fragrance Diffusion Solution for Large Spaces

Get up to 30 days of commercial odor control without the spraying, misting, or liquids!  Available in a variety of fragrances, the Stealth fragrance diffusion solution is the most effective fragrance solution for large and challenging spaces, up to 3,500 sq. ft. Use up to six scent cartridges at once and select from seven fan speeds to get the desired level of intensity and longevity of fragrance for the size of your specific space. The fragrance cartridges are made using a proprietary polymer blend infused with essential oils that attacks and neutralizes odors with Odoraxe™, a scientifically designed and tested technology that continues to counteract malodors even when you can no longer smell the fragrance. Effective against Tobacco Smoke, Bathroom Smells, Body Malodor, Pet Odors, Mildew Smells, Kitchen Smells, and Cooking Odors.

Environmentally friendly:

  • VOC-compliant: no aerosols, harmful solvents, or propellants
  • Uses pure essential and fragrance oils
  • Recyclable refill cartridges
  • Non-flammable

Available fragrance-free and in a variety of classic and luxury fragrances, including Cafe Mocha, Coastal Winds, Forest, Fresh Linen, Lavender, Pacific Waves, Pomegranate Plum, Sweet Mango, Thai Lemongrass, Vanilla, and Vanilla Rose.

Easy-to-use with one-click refill loading and simple digital programming:

  • Choose from seven fan speeds
  • Select Timer On/Off
  • Use remote control to operate

May be wall-mounted or placed on floor, countertop, shelf, desk, or ledge

Locks onto wall-mounting plate to prevent tampering and theft

Connects to main electricity, no batteries required

Dimensions: 24.3”L x 16”W x 21.8”H

Available in Sweet Mango and Thai Lemongrass fragrances

Place in spaces up to 3,500 sq. ft. such as large stadium restrooms, lobbies, locker rooms, trash compactor rooms, and many more. Ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, veterinarian offices, schools, business offices, hotels, condominiums, retail stores, and other industrial, professional, and institutional environments

Item Designations: