Solvent Blend Brake Cleaner & Degreaser

Hexane-based, fast-evaporating, cold solvent cleaner and degreaser.  Dissolves away grease, oil, lint, dirt, wax, varnish, dried fluids, gum, grime, dust, rubber marks, and other surface contaminants.  Dries residue free without staining.  For use on brakes, parts, industrial equipment, engines, motors, molds, dies, chassis, machinery, and concrete.  Apply by spraying, dipping, wiping, brushing or soaking.

  • Mild solvent odor
  • Removes contaminants, increasing performance
  • Non-chlorinated, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic
  • Will not rust parts, components, or other metal surfaces
  • Safe on all metals -- even aluminum, brass, copper, and alloys
  • Perfect for use with Momar's Sure Shot Sprayer, vapor degreasers, dip tanks, spray tanks, etc.

For a safer liquid option, consider BCS-5 Liquid, LVBCS-5 Liquid, or Brake-Eze Liquid.

For an aerosol brake cleaner, consider BCS-5 Aerosol, LVBCS-5 Aerosol, Brake-Eze Aerosol (50-State VOC Compliant), or Speedy Solv Aerosol.

Item Designations:

BRAKE WASH LIQUID is prohibited for sale into the states listed below.
CA , CT , DC , DE , IL , IN , MD , ME , MI , NH , NJ , OH , PA , RI , UT , VA
See your Momar Representative for alternative solutions or contact us for more information.