Full-Synthetic, Water-Soluble Cutting Fluid

Concentrated, multi-purpose metal-working fluid.  Nitrite-free, phenol-free, chlorine-free formulation is safe for use in a wide variety of machining operations.  Blended with a unique biocide package that extends sump life by preventing spoilage and odors.  Use with grinders, saws, threaders, drills, milling machines, tapping applications, and broaching machines. 

  • Evaporates, leaving no oily residue
  • Dilutes with water as much as 1:40
  • Provides excellent cooling properties
  • Compatible with hard water and soft water
  • Freezes at 16°F and is freeze-thaw stable
  • Compatible with all metals except magnesium
  • Fortified with corrosion inhibitors and extreme pressure additives
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