Heavy-Duty, Odorless, Liquid Alkaline Drain Opener

Powerful drain opener that gets to the plug fast. Formulated with potassium hydroxide to be non-chalking and will not leave a white film residue like sodium hydroxide and chlorine based products.  Ideal for opening floor drains in institutional kitchens, food plants, bakeries, and restaurants.  Excellent in shower drains, salon sink drains, and other drains where hair and soap scum accumulate. 

  • Strong -- dissolves fat, grease, hair, sludge, paper, cloth, rags, organic matter, and slime
  • Safe -- formulated for metal and PVC lines, safe on china and porcelain
  • Contains no acids, chlorine derivatives, solvents, or flammables.  
  • Odorless -- produces no acid fumes
  • Fast -- starts working on contact
  • Heavy -- 55% heavier than water
  • Contains red tracer dye
  • USDA L1
  • Kosher Certified 

Drain Klean is just one of Momar's high-alkaline drain care options.  Also consider Plug Buster, UnStopAble, Citra-Fizz, and Sewercide.

Ask your Momar Representative about the Drain Care Decision Tree to see if Drain Klean is the best solution for you.

After opening drain lines with Drain Klean, consider Momar's Maintain-It-All Program with Drain Ox, Passage, or Grrreat Grape.

Item Designations:
Meets Former USDA Guidelines    Kosher-approved