Wet Coal Flow Promoter

A concentated wet coal flow promoter.  When the moisture content of coal is 12 - 18% the coal becomes very sticky and can clog chutes and hopper.  Flowtrol 195 reduces or eliminates chute and downcomer pluggage, rat-holing, sidewall deposits, and bridging or arching in these areas of high compaction pressure or narrow chute diameters.

  • Treated coal is free-flowing
  • Disrupts capillary bridging (hydrogen bonding)
  • Gives more active storage volume while minimizing labor cost
  • Contains no sulfur and will not affect BTU values or ash production rates
  • Coal mines facilitate loading operations and can minimize customer complaints of wet coal handling problems
  • Steel mills can assure more uniform material throughputs and more consistent product bulk densities
  • Coal-firing power plants avoid derations and the need to purchase costly make-up power
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