Concentrated Windshield Washer Solvent

Powerful, methanol-fortified glass cleaner. Formulated with 42% methanol to work year-round in windshield washer reservoirs.  Quickly cuts surface film, fingerprints, bugs, and tar on glass without streaking or smearing.  Perfect for school buses, fleet vehicles, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, and other vehicles that must operate safely in freezing temperatures.

•    Dilutes 1:2 for a freeze point of 0°F
•    Dilutes 1:4 for a freeze point of 15°F
•    Dilutes 1:32 for summer-time with no freeze protection
•    Ammonia-free, butyl free, non-hazing, non-streaking, and fast-drying
•    Dark blue color helps identify treated solutions, even at high dilution rates

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