SHOW OFF (TM 12-022)

Exterior Detailing Pre-Treatment

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SHOW OFF (TM 12-022) - Exterior Detailing Pre-Treatment

Rust, oxidation, water spot, brake dust, deposit, and blemish remover.  Foaming formulation ensures consistent coverage and superior cling time.  Contains no hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, or other fuming acids, making it safer to use and safer on more surfaces. Designed for both automatic washes and manual washing.  Safe on wheels, headlights, aluminum, chrome trim, glass, acrylic, mirrors, paint, plastic, and clear coats

  • Dilutes as much as 1:64
  • Quadruple acid blend is tough on residues, but safe on vehicle exteriors
  • Contains synthetic detergents that rinse completely and freely, eliminating streaking
  • Brightens paint by removing gloss killing residues like oxidation and hard water spots
  • Reduces residual alkalinity to enhance the performance of drying agents, sealers, and clear coat protectants

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