Highly Concentrated, High-Foaming, Clinging Detergent for Pre-Wash Applications

ProFlex Foaming Brush Pre-wash & Lubricant is an ultra-concentrated, high-foaming clinging pre-wash and brush lubricant designed for use on cars, trucks, and equipment. This rich foaming pre-wash works to remove deep grime, bugs splatter, grit, oil, road film, tree sap, salt, exhaust film, and fuel stains through emulsification. By working to loosen these pesky deposits before the wash, unnecessary abrasions, swirls, and watermarks can be avoided. Safe on aluminum, chrome, painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl, and plastic components. Biodegradable, high-lubricity surfactant system reduces cleaning abrasion, extends the life of cloths and brushes, and is compatible with hard water.

  • Dilutes as much as 1:500
  • Polymers provide a spot-free shine
  • Neutral pH and no anti-microbial preservative
  • Excellent for single cycle and reclaim-type operations
  • Will not damage or strip commonly used waxes and protectants
  • Contains no sulfur compounds that cause odors in catch basins and drains
  • Brazilian carnauba wax nourishes and enriches paint to create clear, deep reflections and brilliant shine
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