Calcium Chloride Based Freeze Conditioning Agent

Ultra-pure deicer, anti-freeze, and freeze conditioning agent. Formulated with corrosion inhibitors to help protect mild steel and other metal surfaces.  Perfect for driveways, walkways, ramps, decks, stairs, entryways, roadways, and other surfaces where snow and ice present a problem.  Effective down to -70°F and prevents refreezing for up to 24 hours.  1 gallon treats up to 200 square feet.   Will not damage vegetation.  Non-flammable and non-hazardous to ship.  Will not track onto carpets and floors.

Great For:

  • Pre-wetting of sand and road salt
  • Freeze-conditioning of coal during rail transit
  • Pre-storm anti-icing to prevent hazardous conditions
  • Pile treatments during stack-out to prevent pile freezing
  • Ice-melting applications and ground thawing applications
Item Designations:
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