A highly potent bacteria liquid product containing aerobic Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria.  This unique blend was selected for their ability to facilitate the nitrification process and reduce ammonia and TKN levels quickly and efficiently.  Designed for use in leachate tanks, equalization tanks, IMOFF tanks, primary clarifiers, aeration tanks, SBR's tanks, oxidation tanks, trickling filters, rotating bioloigcal contactors (RBC's), lagoons, secondary clarifiers, digesters, and sludge tanks.

  • Helps eliminate expensive surcharges due to high ammonia and TKN discharge levels
  • Contains Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas bacteria that reduce Ammonia in aerobic environments
  • Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide levels, Odors, FOGs, BODs, CODs, Sludge Accumulation, and TSSs
  • Suggested to use Passage or Passage Plus Powder first to reduce BODs below 250ppm before beginning treatment with Ultra Nitro-Fighter
  • Great for treating leachate and other tough effluents -- typical dosage is 1 gallon per 6,400 gallons for a 2-hour retention time
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