A bio-enhancement solution that boosts organic degradation by up to 10X.  Works with indigenous biological populations or with bioenzymatic additives like Momar’s Passage Liquid, Passage Plus Powder, and Passage Blocks.  Increases the metabolic and reproductive rates of all bacteria, while enhancing contaminant removal and water clarity.  Perfect for lift stations, grease traps, aeration basins, clarifiers, and wastewater lagoons.

  • Reduces odors, foam, and turbidity
  • Compatible with aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • Improves the cold-weather performance of microbes
  • Improves penetration into heavy FOG (fats, oils, and grease)
  • Designed for use with any Momar biological product to increase performance
  • Improves bottom solids removal in wastewater lagoons, restoring capacity faster while reducing retention time requirements
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