Handheld Powder & Granule Broadcaster

Designed for spreading a variety of materials over irregular terrain more evenly than a wheeled spreader.  Use to spread ice melters, herbicides, insecticides, insect repellents, deodorizers, oil absorbers, cleaning agents, and other granules and powders like pelletized lime, sand, wild game feed, grass seed, bird seed, feed stock, and fertilizer.  Perfect for use with floor quat powders like Ultra Powder, QFT, and ConQuat.  Excellent for spreading ice melters such as Ice Breaker, Ice-Go, and Ice-2-O.  Ideal for the application of other powder and granular products like weed killer (Weed Away), insect control (Geraniol Granules and Permethrin Granules), sweeping compound (Lock-It-Up Regular), and floor cleaner (Crush and Triple C).

  • 5 lbs. capacity
  • 4 season spreader
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Ergonomic trigger handle
  • Reinforced, contoured lip design for easy scooping
  • Funnel shaped design tailored for ideal material flow
Item Designations: