Metered Air Freshener for the Smart Spray System

Momar's Signature Fragrance - packaged for the Momar Smart Spray Air Freshening System.  Double-action blend masks odors quickly with a strong fresh fragrance while odor encapsulants lock up odors into an inert state permanently. Effective against hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, thioethers, mercaptons, amines, acids, urine, animal waste, food waste, pet odors, and even cigarette smoke. Spray on the area to be treated as it must come in contact with the odor to produce maximum results.  Effective on most odors, including pet odors and smoke.

  • Only one dispenser is needed for a room up to 30' x 20' x 10'
  • Up to 3,000 metered sprays per can; 30-day supply when used on medium setting
  • Perfect for restrooms, convalescent homes, hospitals, clinics, doctors' and dentists' offices, hotels, motels, retail stores, and kitchens
  • No ozone-depeleting substances (CFCs)
  • Pleasant mountain fresh scent
  • Net Weight: 7 oz.
  • USDA C1
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