Latex, Acrylic, and Oil-Based Paint, Stain, and Solvent Solidifier

Quickly, easily and safely hardens waste paint into a disposable solid form, making it acceptable for landfills.  Simply add the powdered crystals to the paint, shake or stir, and the paint hardens into a disposable solid within minutes.  Great for spills, too -- simply sprinkle, mix, and scrape up for disposal, leaving the surface clean and dry.  Made from natural earth products fortified with Momar Insta-Zorb.

  • Begins working on contact
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic
  • Will not release absorbed liquids into the environment
  • Each 24-pound (5-gallon) pail solidifies up to 110 gallons of paint
  • Absorbs more and safer than clay or diatomaceous earth products
  • Compatible with latex and oil based paints
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