Concentrated bioenzymatic digester formulated with multi-strain bacillus blends at 3 billion CFU/gram (75 billion CFU/pod). Contains vegetative bacteria and spore-forming bacteria, allowing Passage Pods to start working immediately. Use in kitchen drains, porta-potties, small under-sink grease traps, soda fountain drains, urinals and toilets, septic systems, car wash water systems, dialysis drains, HVAC drain pans, ponds & lagoons, and as a booster for cleaning products. Does not contain any surfactants, emulsifiers, or antimicrobial agents, so it is compatible with all municipal wastewater treatment programs. 

  • Odorless and dye-free
  • Reduces odors and hydrogen sulfide levels
  • Ability to survive in stressful environments - pH of 4-11, temps as high as 120°F
  • Quickly breaks down and digests hydrocarbon solids (i.e., fats, oils, and grease) and organic odor causing compounds
  • 22 pound pail contains 400 pods and has an easy-carry handle and a resealable lid, which makes it easier to use and store Passage Pods
  • Quart-size jars contain 15 pods each, packaged 6 jars per case
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