Concentrated bioenzymatic digester formulated with multi-strain bacillus blends at 1 billion CFU/gram (4 billion CFU/tab). Contains vegatative and spore-forming bacteria, allowing Passage Tablets to start working immediatly. Use in kitchen drains, small under-sink grease traps, soda fountain drains, ice machine drains, water fountain drains, urinals and toilets, septic systems, car wash water systems, dialysis drains, HVAC drain pans, ponds and lagoons, and as a booster for cleaning products. Does not contain any surfactants, emulsifiers, or antimicrobial agents, so it is compatible with all municipal wastewater treatment programs. 

  • Odorless and dye-free
  • Reduces odors and hydrogen sulfide levels
  • Ability to survive in stressful environments - pH of 4-11, temps as high as 120°F
  • Quickly breaks down and digests hydrocarbon solids (i.e., fats, oils, and grease) and organic odor causing compounds
  • 50 pound pail contains 5,660 tablets and has a resealable flip-top lid and a resealable inner bag, which makes it easier to use and store Passage Tablets
  • Quart size jars contain 250 tablets each, packaged 6 jars per case
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