A powerful blend of protease, lipase, and amylase enzymes.  These enzymes are extracted from non-pathogenic, facultative bacteria, and are to be used as catalysts to provide the fastest action possible to degrade fats, proteins, starch, and sugar.  Can be used on its own, but better when used in conjunction with a bacteria program like Momar Passage, 8-Alive, or Gobble Up.

  • Reduces odor
  • Works at all pHs and temperatures
  • Compatible with all bacteria programs
  • Harmless in all drain and sewage systems
  • Acid-free, non-caustic, non-poisonous, safe, and sanitary
  • Prevents build-up of solids and sludge in sewer lines and pump stations
  • Industry leading concentration of Casin solubilizing units (CSU), Hemoglobine solubilizing units (HSU), Starch liquefying units (SLU), and Fat splitting units (FSU)
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