Ready-to-use, non-emulsifiable soy bean oil and canola oil based release agent.  Biodegradable, non-flammable formula is excellent as an asphalt release coating for truck beds.  When used in concrete forms it minimizes surface defects.  Provides a quick, easy release of asphalt, concrete, and similar materials from metal, fiberglass, and wood.  Suitable for spraying onto precast, prestressed plywood, lumber, steel, plastic, masonry block, and tile forms.  Great for use on hoist buckets, wheelbarrows, tools, and other machinery.

  • No VOCs, non-toxic
  • Colorless and nearly odorless
  • Helps prevent corrosion on metal surfaces
  • 1 gallon treats up to 1600 square feet of wood
  • 1 gallon treats up to 3200 square feet of metal and plastic
  • Safe on shovels, rakes, tools, equipment, and vehicles
  • Contains no petroleum, waxes, surfactants, or solvents
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