Odorless, Colorless, High-Alkaline Drain Opener

Odorless, heavty-duty, liquid alkaline drain opener that gets to the plug fast and removes it without the use of acids or solvents.  Dissolves all obstructions such as paper, rags, grease, cloth, and other organic matter.  May be used on porcelain, ceramic, tile, and grout.  Safe to use following Citra-Fizz.

  • No strong odors
  • Safe in metal and pvc
  • Opens and maintains drain lines up to 8"

Similar to Plug Buster, but contains no dyes.

Similar to Drain Klean, but uses a "heavier" alkaline ingredient called Sodium Hydroxide instead of Potassium Hydroxide.

CAUTION:  Unlike potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide may leave behind a white residue after repeated use. 

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