General Purpose, Non-Silicone Defoamer

General purpose effluent defoamer. To control foam at the surface, use in undiluted form at a dosage rate of 2 - 20 ppm (2 - 20 gallons per million gallons of flow). 

  • High spread rate - particulate free - low viscosity
  • Controls foam on most industrial and municipal effluent systems
  • For use in digestors, aeration ponds, in the flumes, and at the river outfalls
  • Disperses in water or effluent and may be fed as is or from a day tank to the effluent point of addition
  • When metered at full strength, Industrial Grade Defoamer exhibits very quick flash knockdown and excellent stamina
  • FDA Coverages: FDA CFR 21 - - 175.105, 176.210 and 178.3120
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