Siliconized defoamer made with a low-viscosity to be easier to spray or mist. Prevents foam over and foam damage in drains, auto-scrubbers, carpet extractors, hot vats, spray cabinets, steam machines, fountains, pools, spas, agricultural spray tanks, and anywhere else foam is a problem. Spray or mist to knock down existing foam. Pretreat by pouring or dripping in order to prevent foam production from occurring.

  • Oil-free, contains no VOCs
  • Non-staining and non-corrosive
  • Silicone-based, fast spread rate
  • 1-ounce treats 8-12 gallons of cleaning solution
  • 1 half-ounce treats 10 square feet of surface area in pools, fountains, and spas
  • Compatible with Momar’s Maintain-It-All Pump and Misting Nozzle
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