Magnesium Chloride Based Dust Suppressant

Synergistic blend of Magnesium Chloride and inhibitors to provide dust control on roads, equipment yards, fly ash ponds, coal piles, parking lots, and other surfaces that become very dusty in dry conditions.  Inherent hydroscopic properties help control moisture levels and prevent dusting during dry periods and between dust suppression treatments. Hardens and compacts treated surfaces with repeated applications.  Saves money by reducing the number of water truck applications, reducing tire replacement, and reducing equipment repair costs.

  • Cumulative effect so each application builds a ground inventory for better long-term results
  • Binds fine dust products and prevents them from becoming airborne
  • Reduces blading frequency by 50% and regravelling by 50%
  • Prevents roads from freezing down to -58°F
  • Prevents erosion and washout
  • Increase safety and visibility
  • Colorless application
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