Biodegradable surfactant blend designed specifically for emulsifying and dispersing solvents, fuels, oils, and greases.  When applied to fuel spills, it reduces the release of flammable fumes and their related hazards.  When applied to oil slicks, it breaks up the rainbow film instantly and helps to remove oily residues from all surfaces.  When applied as a bilge cleaner on ships, it reduces cleaning time by half.  Can be added to other cleaners as a foam booster.  Apply by eductor, spray, foam, autoscrubber, brush, or dip method. 

  • Colorless, odorless
  • Neutral pH, non-corrosive
  • Use as is or dilute up to 1:128
  • Functions well in gas leak detection applications
  • For use on land, water, hard surfaces, painted surfaces, and fabrics
  • Promotes rapid degradation of hydrocarbons by natural decomposition
  • Versatile detergent chemistry removes many different soils safely and efficiently
  • USDA A1
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