High-foaming, film-forming, fire-fighting concentrate.  Encapsulates hydrocarbons on contact, extinguishing flames and preventing reignition.  Allows water to cover more area, penetrate deeper, and knock down fires 20 times faster.  Removes heat instantly, allowing fire fighters safer access to burning areas.  Reduces smoke production and opacity while simultaneously reducing fatal toxins.  Creates a low-density foam blanket, locking out oxygen and rendering flammable liquids and surfaces inert.

  • Works on Class A and B hydrocarbon fuel fires
  • Dilutes as much as 0.25% (1:400)
  • Unlimited shelf life when stored according to directions
  • For application through all nozzle types, eductors, and proportioners
  • Biodegradable, fluorine-free, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and safe on all fire-fighting equipment
  • Disperses flammable liquid spills such as gas, diesel, and oil to prevent ignition and to enhance biodegradation
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