Non-Foaming, High-Alkaline, High-Chlorine Degreaser

RAVAGE - Non-Foaming, High-Alkaline, High-Chlorine Degreaser
Item Designations:
Meets Former USDA Guidelines Kosher-approved

Chlorinated caustic cleaner and degreaser.  Formulated with chelating agents and dispersants to work in hard water and prevent redeposition. Removes fats, oils, greases, proteins, resins, and other organic soils.  Use for bulk tank washing and in recirculating CIP systems.

  • Safe on stainless steel
  • Free-rinsing, leaves no residue
  • Dilutes as much as 1:100 with water
  • High pH of 14 melts through organic soils fast
  • Utilizes potassium hydroxide, which doesn't chalk or salt
  • Powerful chlorine bleach insures the highest sanitary conditions
  • USDA A1
  • Kosher Cetified

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