Peroxyacetic Acid Based Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Ultra-concentrated, descaling sanitizer and disinfectant. Extremely versatile and powerful formulation designed for use on food contact surfaces. Approved for use in dairies, wineries, breweries, food and beverage plants, poultry egg facilities, animal housing, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and veterinary clinics.

  • Non-foaming and safe in CIP systems
  • Kills bacteria, yeasts, molds, and spores
  • Descales and brightens metal as it cleans
  • Approved for sanitizing fruits and vegetables
  • Sanitizes at 1 ounce per 6 gallons in 1 minute without needing a rinse
  • Disinfects and cleans in one step at 1.5 ounces per 5 gallons in 10 minutes
  • Breaks down to carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water after cleaning is complete
  • Meets the USDA NOP (National Organic Program) requirements for use in organic processing facilities
  • EPA registered: 63838-1-1553
  • Kosher Certified
Item Designations:
Meets Former USDA Guidelines    Kosher-approved    EPA Registered Pesticide or Minimum Risk Pesticide   

PROXY is prohibited for sale into states that are not listed below until it is registered with the appropriate state agency. See your Momar Representative or contact us for more information.

PROXY is EPA registered for sale in the following states:
GA , IA , MD , MS , OH , SC