Hose-Output, Water-Powered, Proportioning and Dispensing System

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SANI-FOAM KIT - Hose-Output, Water-Powered, Proportioning and Dispensing System

Dual-product proportioning foamer.  Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction is designed for use in kitchens, restrooms, food processing plants, fleet maintenance areas, and other tough environments to clean, degrease, descale, sanitize, and/or disinfect.

  • Quick-connects for ease of use
  • Detachable foam wand when a jet stream is desired
  • Wash and rinse vehicles with Wash N' Shine and Sprax 200X
  • Clean and sanitize food preparation areas with Ensign degreaser and First Mate sanitizer
  • Descale and disinfect restrooms and locker rooms with Hands Off! degreaser and Neutra-Dis disinfectant

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