Hose-End Proportioner with Fan-Spray and Foam Gun Attachments

Half-gallon, multi-dilution, hose-end sprayer and foamer. Perfect for cleaning and sanitizing kitchens and food preparation areas with Ensign and Q-22.  Descales, deodorizes, and cleans showers, restrooms, and locker rooms with Hands Off and Neutra-Dis. Kills weeds with BP-6000, Edger, No Mow II, or other water-dilutable herbicides. Washes vehicles with Wash N' Shine, Brute, and Purple Heat. Cleans vinyl siding with Vigor and Pressure 199+.

  • Produces five dilutions with water: 1:128, 1:64, 1:32, 1:20, and 1:10
  • Foam attachment is detachable when a jet stream is desired
  • Fan nozzle attachment included when a fan spray is needed
  • Capable of spraying straight water without chemical
  • Quick connects included for ease of use
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