Hose-End Proportioner for Foaming Concentrates

32 ounce, multi-dilution, hose-end foamer. Perfect for cleaning and sanitizing kitchens and food preparation areas with Power Ox and First Mate Concentrate.  Descales, deodorizes, and cleans showers, restrooms, and locker rooms with Hands Off and Neutra-Dis. Kills weeds with BP-6000, Edger, No Mow II, or other water-dilutable herbicides. Washes vehicles with Wash N' Shine, Brute, and Purple Heat Concentrate. Cleans vinyl siding with Vigor and Pressure 199+.

  • Easy to use: simply connect water supply hose to pistol grip shut-off valve handle
  • Produces 20 dilutions with dilution tips as low as 1:6 and as high as 1:286
  • Capable of spraying straight water without chemical
  • Quick connects included for ease of use

Excellent for use in Restaurants, Food prep areas, Supermarkets, Food processing plants, Animal care facilities, Correctional facilities (shower areas), Health care facilities, Educational facilities, Service stations, and Paving contractors’ facilities (asphalt release agents).

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