Ultra-Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner

ENVISION - Ultra-Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner
Item Designations:
EPA Safer Choice Recognized for Safer Chemistry Meets Former USDA Guidelines

Residue-free, neutral floor cleaner.  Formulated with biodegradable detergents and solvents to work fast to remove soils and stains from resilient tile floors, hard flooring surfaces, wood floors, and natural stone floors.

  • USDA A1
  • Fragrance free
  • Dilutes up to 1:256
  • Safe in floor scrubbers
  • Emulsifies greases and oils
  • Removes soapy build-up left behind by other floor cleaners
  • Safe on all flooring surfaces -- will not strip or harm finished floors
  • Eligible to earn points under LEED’s Green Cleaning Products and Materials Credit

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