Bottle and Bucket Fill Chemical Proportioning System

The MixMaster system is designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. MixMaster proportioners are compact, durable dispensers that are designed with a minimal number of parts in order to make servicing and operation simple.  MixMasters consistently and accurately deliver chemicals at the desired dilution rates.  These are wall-mounted, making them ideal for diluting chemical concentrates into buckets, sinks, sprayers, and auto-scrubbers. Whether using the dispenser in hotels, restaurants, schools, kitchens, nursing homes, hospitals, office buildings, or any other location, MixMasters are well suited for your dispensing and cleaning demands.

  • Each unit comes with tubing, mounting supplies, and color-coded labels
  • 1-product, 4-product, and 5-product bottle & bucket fill systems
  • Capable of handling 100 PSI pressure and 140°F temperature 
  • Bucket-fill units dispense at 4 gallons per minute
  • Bottle-fill units dispense at 1 gallon per minute
  • Multiple units can be daisy-chained together 
  • Toolless cover removal for ease of service 
  • Durable ABS cover and Polypro chassis 
  • ASSE® Flex-gap back flow preventers 
  • 16 different dilution rates available 
  • Rugged, compact design 

Consider using this proportioning system for:

  • Momar's conventional concentrates:  Disappearing Act Concentrate, First Mate Concentrate, Purple Heat Concentrate, Neutra-Dis, Neutra-Gold, Orange-2-O Concentrate, PleaScent, Red Fantastic, and Super Glass Concentrate. 
  • Momar's Greenaction concentrates:  Vigor, Green Heat Concentrate, Neutrox, Dash, Oomph 4X, Respond 3X, Lucent 20X, Hammer 64X, and Magnet 128X
Item Designations: