1, 2, and 8 Product Proportioning Dispensers


Converts economical concentrates into convenient ready-to-use solutions. Includes metering tips capable of producing dilution rates from as low as 0.29 (1:447) ounces per gallon to as high as 49 (1:2.6) ounces per gallon. The Mixmaster 8 accommodates up to four products on the bottle-fill side at one gallon per minute and four products on the bucket-fill side at 3.5 gallons per minute. The Mixmaster 2 accommodates two products, one on the bottle-fill side at one gallon per minute and one product on the bucket-fill side at 3.5 gallons per minute.The Mixmaster 1 Bottle Fill accommodates one product at one gallon per minute and he Mixmaster 1 Bucket Fill one product at 3.5 gallons per minute.3All models come complete with supply tubing, foot valve (strainers) assemblies and weights, discharge tubing for each eductor, metering tip kit, mounting anchor kit, and hose hook for the 3.5 GPM eductor.

  • New, expansive workspace to easily route tubes
  • Easy, tool-free maintenance
  • E-gap to satisfy regulatory standards
  • Each unit comes with tubing, mounting supplies, and color-coded labels
  • Color-coded for Momar's Greenaction concentrates - Brute, Dash, Envision, Green Heat, Hammer 64X, Lucent 20X,  Magnet 128X, Neutrox, Oomph 4X, Respond 3X, and Vigor
  • Color-coded for conventional Momar concentrates - Disappearing Act, First Mate, Purple Heat, Neutra-Dis, Neutra-Gold, Orange-2-O, PleaScent, Red Fantastic, and Super Glass

DO YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE A DILUTION RATE OF 1:447?  You may need Ultra Lean Metering Tips. Dilution rates up to 1:400 are achievable on the quart-fill side and 1:1175 on the gallon-fill side. 

MIXMASTER UNITS DO NOT INCLUDE A HOSE FOR CONNECTING THE UNIT TO A WATER SOURCE (i.e. a garden hose).  See the hoses available in the related products section of this page.

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