Synthetic Dust Control and Anticaking Agent

Combining the powers of DustAid Syn LV with Cake Brake WR100 and yielding a dust control coating that provides anti-caking properties. Prevents and controls dust during material handling operations, while preventing caking and retarding pile set during storage, shipping, and consumer applications.



  • Manufactured with Synplicity technology to provide 100% pure synthetic, clear, colorless, odorless, and UV-resistant coatings
  • Great for use on high-nitrogen fertilizers such as NPK, AN, AS, and Urea prills or granules
  • Adheres fines at the molecular level and is non-evaporative to controls dust emissions up to 99% for extended periods
  • Improves flowability by reducing pile set and caking to create safer working conditions and increase efficiency in manufacturing, storage, loading, and consumer applications.
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