Bio-Based, Binder-Fortified Dust Suppressant

DustAid Natural NA is a bio-based, sodium lignosulfonate binder-fortified dust suppressant. DustAid coatings are designed to control dust throughout the manufacturing, transportation, and application processes. DustAid coatings are best applied immediately after manufacturing, prior to storage, packaging, or loading. Provides dust control of friable materials on conveyors, transfers, and chutes as well as during transit by rail, truck, or barge. Extended performance improves end-user experience by controlling dust for the life of the material. By controlling dust, DustAid coatings reduce explosion potential, improve facility hygiene, reduce worker exposure to toxins, increase production yields, and enhance material integrity and quality, increasing the marketability of treated materials.

  • Easy-to-apply liquid applications can increase granule crush strength and improve pellet characteristics
  • Formulated to bind dust particles and provide extended dust control, even through multiple transfers
  • Excellent for use in Urea, Sulfurs, NPK, Gypsum, Limestone, and Biosolids
  • All-natural, biodegradable, lignin-fortified dust control and binding agent
  • Contains high levels of sulfur-complexed micronutrients
  • Dilutable with water to help disperse fertilizers into soils
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