Cold Cleaning Solvent Parts Dip

Ultra concentrated parts washing solution designed for cold dipping process applications.  Two-layered cleaner, degreaser, and paint stripper.  The top layer contains corrosion inhibitors, acid neutralizers, and additives to reduce evaporation of the solution.  The botom layer contains powerful chlorinated solvents and emulsifiers.  Removes burned-on carbon and soot.  Rinses with water, no solvent rinse required.  Works on tire capping matrices for removing rubber deposits. 

  • Removes paint, lacquer, decals, and seals from metal surfaces 
  • Carbon and grease remover for all metal stove parts, engine parts, diesel injector pump assemblies, injector assemblies, etc. 
  • Automatic transmissions and transmission parts cleaner that cleans, degreases, and loosens burnt on carbon deposits, cleans channels and other hard to get crevices
  • Printing industry cleaner for de-inking and decarbonizing PMC sterling toggle bases and hooks, as well as other metal parts and accessories used throughout the printing industry 

Will not attack, etch or damage any metal, including Babbit metals, pot metals, aluminum and alloys, magnesium and alloys, copper, brass, etc. Note: may discolor white metal if exposure exceeds one hour.

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