All Metal Safe Cleaner, Deoxidizer, and Degreaser

Mildly alkaline, detergent-fortified metal parts cleaner.  Designed for aqueous parts washers, spray cabinets, ultrasonic washers, and other forms of agitation cleaning.  Removes oxide, light rust, grease, oil, and dirt.  For use on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum, brass, steel, and their alloys.  Formulated with a unique silicate complex that provides corrosion resistance to cleaned parts.

  • Odorless
  • Low-foaming
  • Rinses residue free
  • Dilutes 1-5% with water
  • Designed for heated systems ranging from 160ºF - 190ºF
  • USDA A1
Item Designations:
Momar's Enviropact - Our promise to human health and a better environment.    Meets Former USDA Guidelines