Synergized nitrite type rust inhibitor fortified with azoles and borates to provide corrosion resistance to all metals.  May be added to aqueous cleaners, but best applied in the last stage of a metal parts preparation process in its own tank to enhance corrosion protection.  Excellent for application to vehicle undercarriages to help stop rust and prevent further corrosion caused by road salts.  Safe on paint, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, and metals (both ferrous and non-ferrous).  

  • Non-flammable and non-chlorinated
  • Contains no VOCs, fully biodegradable
  • Optimal temperature range of 70ºF - 140ºF
  • Petroleum-free with a pH below 10 upon dilution
  • Light yellow color helps to identify treated solutions
  • Optimal results are achieved in 3-10% diluted solutions
  • Requires 1-2 minutes of contact time with metal surface
  • Non-greasy, non-tacky, transparent, and colorless upon drying
  • Easily diluted in hot or cold water, and excellent additive for alkaline cleaners
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