Automatic, Hands-Free, Hand Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

Bulk-fill dispenser with easy refill tank.  Dispenses Momar Han-I-Size Gel and similar gel hand sanitizers.  Dispenses Momar Lan-O-Surg, Sani-Clear, Escort, and similar thick liquid hand soaps and lotions.  Also compatible with Momar Handtastic hand soaps and similar low-viscosity hand soaps. Infrared sensor detects hands and dispenses automatically, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Features a large capacity of 20 fl. oz (600 mLs), which is enough for 600 applications per refill.  Compatible with most liquid soaps and sanitizers. 

  • Dispenses 1ml of volume per application
  • Non-leaking design cuts off the soap and sanitizer flow completely
  • Battery-operated with low-battery indicator (4AA batteries not included)
  • See-thru container provides easy liquid volume level indication and refilling
  • Wall mounted design (wall plate included) and compatible with Momar's Dispenser Stand
  • Made of eco-friendly ABS, long-lasting performance by using high-grade waterproof ABS plastic
  • Recommended for restrooms, kitchens, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public areas
  • 609 grams empty, 110mm L x 100mm W x 165mm H
  • Sensing distance 0-10cm
  • AC-Power not an option on this unit (can't be plugged into an outlet)
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