Alcohol-Based Instant Hand, Arm, and Skin Sanitizer Gel

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are recommended by the CDC and World Health Organization for preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), H1N1, swine flu and other disease causing microorganisms whenever soap and water are unavailable.  Leaves skin feeling fresh and supple without any residue.

  • Unscented, dye-free
  • Alcohol-based antiseptic requires no water or towels
  • Contains emollients to moisturize and condition skin
  • FDA registered for use as a no-rinse hand sanitizer
  • Available in 1-gallon jugs that can be dispensed with Momar's Gallon Ouncer pumps or through our various manual and touch-free dispensers (NDC 63533-221-14)
  • For refillable pint and quart sized containers with flip-tops or pumps, consider our selection of Han-I-Size Fill-To-Order containers
  • USDA E3 rated
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