Mobile Fogging System for Quick & Easy Surface Disinfection

The FDS-MFA7 mobile fogging system produces extra fine, uniformly sized, droplets that completely cover surfaces without wetting. The system does not require external compressed air, and it fogs quickly and effectively minimizing the time needed for total room turnover. The portable system design features a mobile cart with a refillable 7 gallon tank, a digital timer control, a 4-nozzle fogging device for 360 degree coverage, and a telescoping pole for fast height adjustment reaching as tall as 10 ft.  Ideal for use in manufacturing work areas, break rooms, conference rooms, lobby areas, and office spaces. Compatible with Neutra-Dis, Ready-Set-Go!, First Mate, and many other fogging products and disinfectants. 

  • Draws pre-mixed solution 
  • Stainless steel spray nozzles 
  • Low tank indicator light for easy refill notification 
  • Powered by electricity (120 VAC) with a built in air compressor 
  • Spray distance of 12.5 ft. at 40 psi and fogs a 1,400 cubic foot room in approximately 4 minutes
  • 4 droplet size settings of 7.6 μm for SU1.0N, 8.5 μm for SU2.5N, 9.0 μm for SU3.0N, and 11.6 μm for SU4.3N
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